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Aliolé Market & Tapas Bar

White Anchovies in Vinegar by Pujadó Solano

White Anchovies in Vinegar by Pujadó Solano

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The conservation of these small fish with vinegar (boquerones de vinagre) dates back to more than 3000 years ago; there was a city with a rich civilization, cultivated and very advanced in Andalucia, the Kingdom of Tartessos, in the eighth century BC.

Unlike the anchovy, the anchovy does not undergo a lengthy maturation process in salting. It is handled fresh and a few hours after fishing, thus ensuring the highest freshness and quality for the product. Its fresh production is completely free of additives and preservatives.

Keep this item refrigerated for longer shelf life.

Sizes: 3.9 oz (14 to 16 Filets), 23 oz (100 Filets)



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