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Sobrasada by Fermín

Sobrasada by Fermín

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Sobrasada is typical of Mallorca and made with a choice of pork loin, pork bacon (locally called xuia), minced and mixed with paprika, salt and black pepper.

Some makers also add cayenne pepper to the mixture and market it as coent, hot.

Until the 1950s, sobrasada and related pork sausages were the main and sometimes only sources of pork for Mallorcans, part of the Mediterranean diet. Larger meat cuts such as pork or lamb roasts, pork steaks or beef cuts were largely festive dishes, or restricted to the well-off. Even today dishes such as porcella rostida, a whole roasted suckling pig, are only served on special occasions.

Fermín's version is as equal or higher quality product.

Size: 2-pack (5 oz each)



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