Ortiz Bonito del Norte Tuna and Sardines, 2-Pack


220 grams of white tuna, Bonito del Norte, in organic extra virgin olive oil, and 190 grams of Sardinas “a la antigua” in olive oil are top quality products from Spain.

With 100-year history and through five generations, Conserva Ortiz has perfected its techniques in order to achieve the greatest quality in preserving the Bonito del Norte (White Tuna). The craft techniques ensure that the fish is caught without suffering, resulting in improved flavor and texture. Ingredients include bonito del norte (white tuna), ecologic olive oil and salt.


Ortiz Sardines are cleaned by hand and fried in olive oil in a traditional, “a la antigua” way. Sardines get better with age. They are delicate and smooth, making them an ideal and tasty meal.

Try them. You will love them!

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Weight 795 g
Dimensions 5.5 × 2.75 × 4 in


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