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Chef Jorge Luis Fernández

Chef Jorge Luis started his catering business in 1989 with the help of his wife, Cintya. However, this was not before sailing across the world, learning about various cultures and flavors, and ultimately settling in the United States. Together, Chef Jorge Luis and Cintya acquired a website domain, Paellas.com, when website purchasing was in its infancy. Chef Jorge Luis accrued experience by starting on-site paella cooking events for his community, gaining local recognition.

His innate talent for creating tasteful and gourmet dishes and his wife’s experience in business led them to launch Paellas.com from their own kitchen in Sunnyvale, California. He started his culinary journey at Mission College Hospitality Management in Santa Clara, California and went on to the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute to continue his culinary learnings. His schooling paired with his self-taught ability propelled Paellas.com into an entrepreneurial family adventure.

La Barraca
La Barraca circa 2010

In 2001, Chef Jorge Luis and his family opened their first restaurant, La Barraca Tapas Bar & Café in Plantation, Florida. This was then followed by another location in Hollywood, Florida. Ultimately, they opened a new and upscale restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida called The Spaniard Tapas Bar & Café. All the locations became the medium for cultural exchange, whether it be from Chef Jorge Luis’ and his staff’s authentic Spanish flavors to lively Flamenco shows and classes provided by local and Spanish artists.

Aside from being a restaurateur, Chef Jorge Luis was involved in the novel concept of TV cooking shows. From his home to his restaurant, the TV show Amigos Hispanos filmed him in his element. Sharing his recipes and his alluring charisma gained him thousands of viewers across South Florida and the Caribbean.

Their children became an integral part of the spirit of the family business in various capacities. While in school, their son Alexander helped his father with catering events and his daughter Valeria managed the marketing and accounting. Aside from work, Sundays became “Family Day” at the restaurant. This allowed them to enjoy quality time with each other amidst a hectic restaurant business life.

Chef’s wife and daughter,
Cintya and Valeria

Chef Jorge Luis and his family are fully dedicated to sharing their culture and the native delicacies of the Iberian region. Their standard of quality and passion is sure to make it an unforgettable and lasting experience.

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